Mike Parish: A Loving Grandfather Looking to Give Back

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I’m the first one to admit it: I am obsessed with my six grandkids! I love watching their eyes sparkle as they learn about the world every day. The genuine gasps of astonishments, shrieks of pleasure, and sighs of delight restore my zest for life when I’m around them!

A few weeks ago, my wife Kori and I took our extended family to Hanifl Family Wild Woods at the Minnesota Zoo for some outdoor fun and nature play. You should have seen my grandkids! They couldn’t stop climbing the cargo net, sliding down slides, and playing the wooden xylophones. Their imaginations were running wild! The little ones were mesmerized by the dragonflies and birds flitting about, and the older ones loved searching for the hidden “fairy houses” around the play area.

Wild Woods is truly a magical place. I watched kids and adults both get completely lost in their love for nature play, and I NEVER thought I would see grandma sliding down the curly slide!

Kori and I decided to support the Minnesota Zoo by sponsoring one of the play elements at Hanifl Family Wild Woods. It’s a perfect way to show our support for nature play along with our passion for the Zoo’s mission to connect people, animals, and the natural world to save wildlife. Our gift is also a way for us to honor our grandkids on the Wild Woods’ tribute sign. As they continue to grow and use Wilds Woods, our grandchildren will love to see their names at the entrance to the play area!

If you are a proud grandparent, a loving mother or father, or just someone who understands the power of nature to instill curiosity, confidence and creativity, I hope you will join Kori and me and make a gift to Hanifl Family Wild Woods today.



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Mike Parish

Loving Grandfather and Honorary Trustee