Hannah Neibert: A Lifetime of Love for the Zoo

Hannah Neibert has been coming to the Zoo since she can remember. Now a young professional, she gives back to the Zoo regularly. Her last donation was accompanied by the following message:
“I just wanted to thank you again for the  wonderful opportunity to give back to the zoo. I have so many wonderful memories there as a child. It is such a good feeling being able to come full circle and give back to the organization that gave me so much. Looking back, there were so many things that the zoo taught us as kids besides where animals are from and what they are called.
MN_ZOO_6_7_2016_178It taught us to care about the animals, care about their future and whether or not they will have one. To care about our relationships with wildlife and the world, to ponder how we could make a difference. The zoo gave us hope that things could change if only we would lend a hand to them and that even the smallest person could do so much by simply caring. The spark that the Minnesota Zoo lit in me so long ago will continue to burn bright for wildlife and the fact that I can say that make so happy. I am forever grateful for all the beautiful things that happen there at the Minnesota Zoo and cannot wait to hear and see all the continuous hard work in the future to bring wildlife and humans together.”MN_ZOO_6_7_2016_103