An 8th Grader With A Heart of Gold

It doesn’t happen toostock-photo-boy-with-guns-pose-42193153 often when someone so young exhibits characteristics so far beyond their age. But Matthais Baese isn’t your typical 8th grader. He’s been foregoing birthday presents every year since 1st grade to make sure the Minnesota Zoo’s tigers are happy! Instead of asking for gifts, he asks his friends and family to donate to tiger conservation at the Zoo!
This year, Matthais included the most precious note along with his donation:
“Dear MN Zoo,
This is the 8th year in a row that I have gotten money instead of presents, to donate to your program to help tigers. This year, my friends and I raised $340! 🙂 So now you can get your tigers some new toys and some nice tasty bloodsicles!  Mmmm, bloodsicles. Nothing more a tiger could want on a hot day. 🙂   So anyway…I hope I’m making a good difference with this whole thing. To make the world a better place for tigers, we all have to do our part, you know? It’s not gonna happen by itself. I guess in the grand scheme of things, $340 isn’t a ton…but hey, every little bit counts, right? So let’s all go out into the world and keep giving lots of little bits until the world is safe for tigers. 🙂
Matthias Baese”
Well Matthias, you might just be the coolest 8th grader we’ve met in a long time!
Thanks for your donation, and thanks for looking out for tigers at the Minnesota Zoo. Here’s a picture of one of our tigers enjoying your donation!